Four Ways Massage Therapy Can Help in Sleep

As we grow up, we understand the importance of sleep in our life. We start to prioritize sleep because we start realizing that without adequate sleep we wouldn’t be able to continue with our daily activities and responsibilities. However, often you fail to get adequate sleep because of the mental ailments like stress, anxiety, depression and physical ailment like pain in any area of your body. As a consequence, you feel drowsy and tired throughout the day and your productivity and concentration go down.

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Sleeping pills are never options for getting proper sleep. Because it will create dependency and you will never be able to uproot the problem of disturbed sleep. Massage therapy is quite useful for promoting sleep. If your tiredness doesn’t allow you to visit the massage centres, you can go for outcall massage in London.

If you are confused about how massage therapy can help in promoting sleep, here are some points that can help you to make your mind.

Stress Reduction

Our daily schedules, fast lifestyle, work pressure and responsibilities often make us stressed and depressed. And who doesn’t know how stress can react to our body’s regular functionalities? Irregular sleep is one of the major outcomes of stress and anxiety. And massage therapy is extremely beneficial for stress reduction.

Complete Relaxation

When we can relax completely, it soothes our mind, body muscles, tissues, circulatory system and promotes lymphatic drainage. The soothing effect passes through our brain and it helps us to feel sleepy and get a sound sleep. Complete relaxation through massage therapy helps us getting rid of irregular sleep and insomnia. Book an outcall massage in London to get massage therapy at your home’s comfort.

Pain Reduction

If you suffer from any type of pain, it will not let you sleep. The stressed area of your body will be alarmed and you will not get a complete relaxation which is imperative for a sound sleep. Massage therapy can reduce pain from your body and help you get a sound sleep.

Serotonin Increase

Massage therapy is highly effective for increasing serotonin levels. In addition to experiencing less pain and better sleep, it is proved that 30-minutes of massage session can promote serotonin and dopamine in your body. Serotonin is basically a neurotransmitter that regulates circadian rhythm and dopamine; it increases the feeling of pleasure and happiness.

All these act as catalysts to promote relaxation and sound sleep. In fact, people with insomnia have also been benefitted with effective massage therapy which you can receive from outcall massage in London as well. Book your appointment at a reputable massage centre and get a professional massage at your home’s comfort.

Pro Tips to Choose Professional Massage Therapists in London

Professional Massage Therapists London

All massage therapy centres claim to be the best one among the others. However, to buy their claim, you need to be sure that your investment is not going in vain. In London, there are numerous massage centres which offer several types of mobile massage therapies, however, you have to consider some factors before making any decision:


The most popular way of choosing mobile massage in London is going through the reviews. The feedbacks and reviews of the customers are generally unbiased which you can trust. If anyone has given less than 5-star review read that carefully too. Understand the beneficial areas and the area of consideration for the centre. It will help you to realise whether it is the right place to invest or not.

Therapists and Their Qualification

The therapists will take care of your physical and mental ailments through their expertise in providing the best techniques. Therefore, you have to check whether the therapists are experienced or not. The reputable massage centres generally recruit professional massage therapist in London so that the customers can derive a complete relaxation and maximum benefits from the therapy no matter they are coming to the centre or opting for a mobile massage.

Each of the massage therapies incorporates unique massage techniques, strokes and motions and the therapists must be acquainted of those. Ensure that the therapists are trained enough to provide you with the best services.

Their Experience

Not only the knowledge and the qualification, but experience also plays a crucial role to make a therapist professional. Deep tissue massage, Swedish Massage, Lomi Massage – these are the popular ones which produce complete relaxation for the clients and also get them rid of the ailments. If the therapists don’t have hands-on training and experience the clients wouldn’t be able to get complete satisfaction.

Their Compassion

Massage therapy is a therapeutic treatment. If the therapists wouldn’t have enough compassion towards the clients, the therapy can’t provide the expected results to them. The professional massage therapists in London are compassionate towards the clients and their ailments and this makes them more preferred by people.


The centre has a reliable one. Despite being professional, trained and experienced, many therapists don’t get the tag of best therapists in London. The reliability can be the reason behind it. The clients must have faith in the centre that the therapists work there, are reliable and capable of providing the best experience to the clients. This will enhance customer retention and loyalty to the centre.


If you are based in London, you shouldn’t choose massage centre in other cities of the UK. If the centre is based in London only, it is beneficial for you to visit it whenever required. Also, for the mobile massage in London, you can get their services easily.

Don’t compromise with the service for a minimal difference in cost because massage therapy is not only for relaxation but also for improving your overall health. Call the reputable centre and book your appointment.

Best Relaxation Massage Techniques for Stress Relieve

Everyone says to relax your mind and body, but in this fact-paced competitive world, it is difficult for us to relax. Lying on a couch or bed is not synonymous to relax. It may seem that our body is relaxing, but as we always have stress working back of our mind, our body can’t actually relax completely. This is, in long run can ruin the stability and balance of your body, hormones and mental state. But, how to get rid of stress? You just can’t shake off the thoughts and plans you already have in your mind, right? However, you can soothe your mind and prevent the ill-effects of stress and anxiety with Relaxation massage services in London.

The techniques followed by the professional massage therapist in London to provide a complete relaxation to the clients are here described below.


Swedish Massage

This is one of the most popular massage therapy for relaxing your body and mind. Long gliding strokes are the main techniques followed by people, however, Swedish massage is much more than this. It is provide immense relaxation with:
1. Effleurage: Long sweeping strokes on the body maintaining a harmony.
2. Petrissage: Gentle compression and kneading the muscles like a dough to provide ultimate relaxation.
3. Tapotement: Rhythmic chopping and pounding motion to relieve the stressed muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

This one is dedicated to reach the deepest layer of the muscles so that the problems can be uprooted from its base. The contraction in the neck and back area can be addressed with this massage therapy which follows some specific techniques mentioned below:

1. Stripping: Pressure of gliding variety along the length of muscle from forearms, elbow, knuckles and thumbs.
2. Friction: Pressure against the grain of the muscle to realign muscle fibres and heal the painful adhesions.

Sports Massage

It is designed for the athletes as it is an all-rounder massage therapy that adds in the strength of the muscle. Well, this is also useful for the sport-related injuries. The stressed muscles get healed with this therapy. This is why in other words this massage service is called the Relaxation massage services in London.

If you want to relieve the stressed muscles, you must seek help from the Professional massage therapist in London. Without experts’ help, you wouldn’t be able to get the desired result of ultimate relaxation.

Good News for Would-be Mothers: Massage Therapy Is to Help Them

Pregnancy is a weird time. It invokes a combined feeling of happiness and complications. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during this period. Creating a new life within her is a godly feeling that all women enjoy but the changes create several problems in the body as well. And, one of the most prominent ones is a sore body.

Generally, to address the problem with pain people take pain killers or apply pain reliever sprays. However, during pregnancy, a woman can’t take all type of medicines. It can harm the foetus. This is the reason why woman book healthy massage in London.

Types of Massage That Can Help

There are various types of massage therapies but all are not fitted for a pregnant woman. Women book healthy massage in London from a professional therapist to get helped with:

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage involves long gliding strokes that focus on the joint along with the muscles to increase flexibility and mobility.

Deep Tissue Massage: Firm strokes with fingertips pressing deep into the muscles so the internal tissues can be healed is what the deep tissue massage consists of.

Shiatsu: Providing adequate pressure and tapping to the acupressure points this massage helps in stimulating the energy of the body.

Difference between Regular Massage and Pregnancy Massage

The techniques followed in the pregnancy massage is a little different from the regular massages. These are well synchronized with the anatomical changes that a woman’s body goes through during the phase of pregnancy. Traditional massage therapy is received by lying on your stomach, but for the baby bump, pregnancy massage is received facing up and down both and with special cushions to circulate the blood flow without compromising the comfort level.

Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Typically, women book healthy massage in London for deriving benefits like low anxiety, back pain and leg pain, stress level or cortisol secretion and improved sleep, mood, serotonin and dopamine etc. In addition to it, it relaxes muscles, mitigates common discomforts, and improves lymphatic and blood circulation.

Regulate Hormones

Irregular hormone secretion is a common symptom of pregnancy. Studies have found out that the hormone levels related to relaxation and stress have undergone significance alteration post to the introduction of massage therapy to it. It helped in regulating mood and improving cardiovascular health.

Decrease Swelling

Bloated feeling is a symptom of pregnancy which is typically caused by inadequate blood circulation and increased pressure on the blood vessels. Massage helps to circulate the fluids and by stimulating the soft tissues in the swollen joints.

Reduced Nervous Pain

During the late pregnancy, static nerve pain is experienced by many women because of the uterus that rests on the pelvic muscle and lower back. This pressure spreads tension to the lower and upper leg muscles leading it to swell and create pressure on nerves. Women book healthy massage in London to release tension from the muscles and address the swelled nerves.

Are you a would-be mommy? Consider massage therapy to enjoy pregnancy keeping aside the ailments.

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

Lower Back pain

Lower back pain is an increasing epidemic that is affecting more than half of the population currently. Long working hours, lack of activities and eating unhealthy food all trigger the lower back pain for many people. For temporary relief, they take medicines like pain killers, apply spray medicines or gel but none of them can bring a long-lasting effect. On the other hand, the medications bring miscellaneous side effects to their body.

In London, people have found the relevance of massage therapy to combat lower back pain. They hire a professional massage therapist in London to get rid of this annoying issue. Here, we will discuss the massages that can have an excellent impact on curing back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage aims at going down below the muscles to the tissue and heals the ailments from the core. With adequate pressure, strokes and gliding motion the professional massage therapist in London reaches deep layers of the muscle to reduce lower back pain. The deep finger pressure is one of the techniques which therapists follow for giving the clients ultimate satisfaction.

Swedish Massage

This is one of the most popular massage therapy that has a vast area of benefits. Long gliding strokes, mixed circular motion and various ranges of pressure, these all work together to derive the benefit of curing lower back pain. The techniques matter a lot for the Swedish massage, so, only the professional massage therapist is capable of performing this one.

Four Hand Massage

Another massage therapy that works fabulously for lower back pain is a four-handed massage. In this case, two massage therapists work together in proper synchronization to boost circulation, alleviate muscle pain and revitalise your entire body. It not only has the physical benefit, but four-handed massage works notably for improving mental conditions.

Being a critical problem, lower back pain is a can ruin your mental peace, productivity at workplace, mobility and activities. Therefore, you have to seek its solution as early as possible. Improper way of providing massage therapy can deteriorate your condition; so, invest in something that will bring you peace by mitigating acute lower back pain issue. Contact the professional massage therapist in London and get rid of the problems at ease.

Key Differences between Relaxation Massage and Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation Massage and Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is a familiar word for all these days. People are always aware of the benefits of massage therapy. However, there is still confusion about the different type of massage therapy and their exclusive benefits. People often get perplexed about choosing the most suitable massage service for their specific ailment. Well, this blog is not about that, because only the therapists can help you with that. We will discuss here the common confusion that often occurs in terms of understanding therapeutic massage and relaxation massage.

London, a hub of massage centre introduces several massage therapies that provide an exclusive experience to clients. Relaxation massage service in London is one of them. The professional therapists are also good at providing therapeutic massage services. Before you choose any of these, let’s clear the concept on both.

Therapeutic Massage Services

The name itself speaks about it. Therapeutic massage service is based on therapy. The massage is practised for removing any particular ailment of the clients. It can be joint pain, muscle strain, sports injury, chronic pain, headache, immobility and many more. The strokes, motions, keen understanding of the pressure points and the frequency is different for each massage service that can mitigate one or the other physical ailments. People generally come for therapeutic massage service if they suffer from some physical disorder, most likely pain. Reduce the symptoms of the problem is the primary focus of therapeutic massage service.

Relaxation Massage Services

Like the name says, relaxation is the main benefit that you can derive from relaxation massage service in London. The professional perform this massage with long gliding smooth strokes with moderate pressure. It smoothness reaches your nerves and ease them up. When the nerves are relaxed, it is imperative that you get ultimate relaxation with it. People opt for relaxation massage service in London because of their mental ailments like anxiety, stress, depression etc. As the massage mainly works on the nerves, it is easier to heal mental ailments and trigger the feeling of relaxation.

To choose the right therapist, at first you must choose a reliable massage centre which has professional and trained therapists to serve their clients. Next, you must consult them pertaining to your requirements. They will suggest the best therapist who has expertise in providing that specific massage service. With many of the centres, you can have the option of mobile massage which enables you to choose your own place for getting the service.

Swedish Massage Therapy : Where Techniques Matter a Lot

Swedish massage is one of the most popular among all massage therapies in London, rather throughout the globe. It is practised by only professional massage therapists because the techniques are unique that requires the involvement of palms, forearms, elbows for performing the long gliding strokes. Kneading, tapping, circular pressure and stretching are keys the provide Swedish massage services in the right way. London is popular for its massage centres where trained professionals handle the job of massage services.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Let’s discuss more on the same so that the idea of Swedish massage can be clear.

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage not only is great for relaxing your muscles and soothing your mind, but it also has various health benefits. The right way of providing Swedish massage services in London can alleviate:

  •         Back pain
  •         Muscle spasms
  •         Joint pain
  •         Respiratory and circulatory disorders
  •         Tendonitis and also
  •         Stress and anxiety

Techniques Followed in Swedish Massage Therapy

There are many variations and techniques followed in Swedish massage therapy for acquiring proper therapeutic and wellness benefits. Here is a brief about Swedish massage techniques which are mostly followed:

Petrissage: It comprises of rolling, squeezing and pressing motions on the muscles to promote blood circulation. This technique helps in cleaning toxins from muscle tissues and nerve with the help of compression and kneading.

Vibration: With the rapid shaking of hands on your back and limbs, the therapists boost circulation for treating the ailment of back pain.

Effleurage: This particular technique encompasses gliding strokes that start from the neck and ends up at the base of the spine.  With the use of the fingertips, the professionals direct the strokes from limbs toward the heart to improve the blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Tapotement: This is also an effective technique that involves a series of percussive movements for the muscles to reduce muscle spasms.

Friction: This movement includes transverse movements in the spine area, joints and other bones. The motto of this movement is to increase joint flexibility and remove muscle fibre knots.

Apart from the techniques, a solid setting is also required for performing Swedish massage therapy. The professionals who provide Swedish massage services in London generally have a massage centre with a massage table and proper environment, but they offer mobile massage therapy as well where the similar setting is created at their home’s comfort. The training for the professional is imperative for all massage therapies, especially for the Swedish one. To get a proper soothing massage and get rid of physical ailments, contact renowned centres.

Mobile Massage Services in London – More Than You Think of

Mobile Massage Service London

To get rid of several physical and mental ailments, massage therapy is unparallel. For the busy and hectic schedule, many people don’t get enough time to visit the massage centres and some are not comfortable going there. Considering these areas, mobile massage services in London are introduced. In this case, massage therapists can come to your home and provide the service to you. Mobile massage therapies have lots of varieties as well and you can choose the one according to your needs.

Mobile Massage Service London

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is a complete massage therapy that includes deep tissue massage, sports massage and aromatherapy massage as well. With professional assistance you can fetch all possible benefits of massage therapy with Swedish massage. You can book it for 50-60 minutes but it is recommended to get it for 90-120 minutes to allow the therapist to offer you a complete application for your body.

Mobile Relaxation Massage

This is one of the most popular mobile massage services in London that people often opt for. The stress and headache people take these days for their work, family, responsibilities and many other things, the relaxation massage has become a must-have for rejuvenating their body and mind. This therapy is performed with oil and the motto of the therapy is to increase the oxygen level and release toxins. As a consequence, it leaves you refreshed and revitalised and restored.

Mobile Lomi Massage

It is a full-body massage that involves flowing strokes to mimic the ocean current. People who receive Lomi Massage have amazing experience in reducing stress, pain and many other ailments of the body. With a professional Lomi Massage, you can get rid of stress, sports injury, pains and simply relax.

All the professionals who provide Lomi Massage are trained and insured. You can book their service in short notice however, it is recommended to make an appointment beforehand to avoid the hassles.

To book mobile massage services in London it is better to go for the reputed companies so that there is no chance for disappointment. The therapists in the well-known centres are always professionals so that they can take care of the clients’ requirement and recommend the best massage therapy for them.