Four Ways Massage Therapy Can Help in Sleep

As we grow up, we understand the importance of sleep in our life. We start to prioritize sleep because we start realizing that without adequate sleep we wouldn’t be able to continue with our daily activities and responsibilities. However, often you fail to get adequate sleep because of the mental ailments like stress, anxiety, depression and physical ailment like pain in any area of your body. As a consequence, you feel drowsy and tired throughout the day and your productivity and concentration go down.

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Sleeping pills are never options for getting proper sleep. Because it will create dependency and you will never be able to uproot the problem of disturbed sleep. Massage therapy is quite useful for promoting sleep. If your tiredness doesn’t allow you to visit the massage centres, you can go for outcall massage in London.

If you are confused about how massage therapy can help in promoting sleep, here are some points that can help you to make your mind.

Stress Reduction

Our daily schedules, fast lifestyle, work pressure and responsibilities often make us stressed and depressed. And who doesn’t know how stress can react to our body’s regular functionalities? Irregular sleep is one of the major outcomes of stress and anxiety. And massage therapy is extremely beneficial for stress reduction.

Complete Relaxation

When we can relax completely, it soothes our mind, body muscles, tissues, circulatory system and promotes lymphatic drainage. The soothing effect passes through our brain and it helps us to feel sleepy and get a sound sleep. Complete relaxation through massage therapy helps us getting rid of irregular sleep and insomnia. Book an outcall massage in London to get massage therapy at your home’s comfort.

Pain Reduction

If you suffer from any type of pain, it will not let you sleep. The stressed area of your body will be alarmed and you will not get a complete relaxation which is imperative for a sound sleep. Massage therapy can reduce pain from your body and help you get a sound sleep.

Serotonin Increase

Massage therapy is highly effective for increasing serotonin levels. In addition to experiencing less pain and better sleep, it is proved that 30-minutes of massage session can promote serotonin and dopamine in your body. Serotonin is basically a neurotransmitter that regulates circadian rhythm and dopamine; it increases the feeling of pleasure and happiness.

All these act as catalysts to promote relaxation and sound sleep. In fact, people with insomnia have also been benefitted with effective massage therapy which you can receive from outcall massage in London as well. Book your appointment at a reputable massage centre and get a professional massage at your home’s comfort.