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In the interests of offering you the best possible service and protecting ourselves, use of our website and services is reliant on certain terms and conditions. We’ll explain them in plain language here. By using our site or booking a service through us, you agree to these conditions.


While we endeavour to present information about our services as accurately as possible, some mistakes may occur. City Massage will not be held liable for any damage or loss caused by reliance on information as presented on this site. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure and confirm that information is correct.

The content of this site is subject to change at any time without notice.

None of the following terms and conditions are intended to exclude or limit any warranty required by law and none are intended to exclude or limit our liability for; death or personal injury caused by negligence of City Massage, fraud or fraudulent activity on our behalf or any other matter which it would be illegal to limit or exclude.

Terms of Use

The following terms of use form an agreement between you, the user, and City Massage in relation to your use of this website and services offered by us. By continuing to use this site you agree to the following:


By continuing to use this site, you agree to hold City Massage (including our staff, owners, directors and contractors) free of any responsibility for issues arising out of your use of our site. This includes liability for any costs which may arise as far as legally possible.


All copyright for content on this site is held by City Massage. Any unauthorised use is expressly forbidden.

General Information

The content of this site is intended to be used as information relating to and promotion of our services. It is intended for the personal use of our users in aid of researching and booking our massage therapy services.

Services Offered

City Massage offers various therapeutic massage services. We endeavour to offer them across Greater London 24 hours a day, but unfortunately, this is not always possible due to circumstances outside our control.

These therapies are intended to aid relaxation and to serve as a compliment to other therapies. These services are in no way intended to replace medical examinations or treatment. They are offered on the understanding that the service user has consulted with medical professionals as needed.

The therapists whose services are available through City Massage are all trained professionals, each with their own style. Each works as a freelance massage therapist and it is to be understood that they are not employees of City Massage.

We do not offer any sexual or immoral services whatsoever. We will take any complaint in this area very seriously. Our therapists have agreed to uphold this position.

Protection of Therapists

The therapists which you can book a session with via our services are all highly trained professionals and deserve to be treated as such.

City Massage will take any verbal or physical disrespect or abuse towards our therapists very seriously. This may involve the suspension of a customer account, or, where appropriate pushing for prosecution.

We will support our therapists in any way appropriate.

Your Content On This Site

By posting comments or reviews on our site, you agree to them being published and used for promotional purposes. By posting any content on this site you agree that it is not to be considered confidential and ownership of any such content lies with City Massage.

Promotional Offers and Gift Cards

From time to time, City Massage may offer gift cards or promotional offers. These are subject to their own terms and conditions which will be presented alongside as appropriate.

Warranties and Limitation of Liability:

By continuing to use this website or by booking an appointment with one of our therapists, you agree that you will not hold City Massage responsible for any damage or loss which may arise from said use of our services.

While all our therapists are subject to a rigorous selection process, as they are freelancers, City Massage will not be held responsible for their conduct. Likewise, City Massage will not be held responsible for the actions of our service users.

By booking a massage with a therapist through our service, you confirm that you shall discuss the treatment before the appointment to ensure that you fully understand what is being offered and that you are happy to continue without advice from a medical expert. It is the service user’s responsibility, not that of City Massage or our staff or therapists, to ensure that there is no medical reason that treatment should not proceed. If in doubt, we suggest that you consult with your GP.

While we take the security of this site very seriously, we cannot guarantee that it is free from defects or malicious programmes. The site is presented as is. You agree that sole responsibility in this area is yours, including any data loss or costs arising. Further, we may on occasion have to take the site “offline” for any reason. We are not liable for any issues arising from this and recommend that all users have trustworthy anti-virus software installed before using any web-based service.

While we endeavour to offer our full range of services at all times, it may be that we are unable to meet this goal. We are not responsible for any issue arising from a lack of service.

City Massage is not responsible for issues arising from errors or failure to provide accurate information on the user’s behalf.

As far as legally possible, our liability is limited to the cost of the service booked.