Good News for Would-be Mothers: Massage Therapy Is to Help Them

Pregnancy is a weird time. It invokes a combined feeling of happiness and complications. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during this period. Creating a new life within her is a godly feeling that all women enjoy but the changes create several problems in the body as well. And, one of the most prominent ones is a sore body.

Generally, to address the problem with pain people take pain killers or apply pain reliever sprays. However, during pregnancy, a woman can’t take all type of medicines. It can harm the foetus. This is the reason why woman book healthy massage in London.

Types of Massage That Can Help

There are various types of massage therapies but all are not fitted for a pregnant woman. Women book healthy massage in London from a professional therapist to get helped with:

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage involves long gliding strokes that focus on the joint along with the muscles to increase flexibility and mobility.

Deep Tissue Massage: Firm strokes with fingertips pressing deep into the muscles so the internal tissues can be healed is what the deep tissue massage consists of.

Shiatsu: Providing adequate pressure and tapping to the acupressure points this massage helps in stimulating the energy of the body.

Difference between Regular Massage and Pregnancy Massage

The techniques followed in the pregnancy massage is a little different from the regular massages. These are well synchronized with the anatomical changes that a woman’s body goes through during the phase of pregnancy. Traditional massage therapy is received by lying on your stomach, but for the baby bump, pregnancy massage is received facing up and down both and with special cushions to circulate the blood flow without compromising the comfort level.

Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Typically, women book healthy massage in London for deriving benefits like low anxiety, back pain and leg pain, stress level or cortisol secretion and improved sleep, mood, serotonin and dopamine etc. In addition to it, it relaxes muscles, mitigates common discomforts, and improves lymphatic and blood circulation.

Regulate Hormones

Irregular hormone secretion is a common symptom of pregnancy. Studies have found out that the hormone levels related to relaxation and stress have undergone significance alteration post to the introduction of massage therapy to it. It helped in regulating mood and improving cardiovascular health.

Decrease Swelling

Bloated feeling is a symptom of pregnancy which is typically caused by inadequate blood circulation and increased pressure on the blood vessels. Massage helps to circulate the fluids and by stimulating the soft tissues in the swollen joints.

Reduced Nervous Pain

During the late pregnancy, static nerve pain is experienced by many women because of the uterus that rests on the pelvic muscle and lower back. This pressure spreads tension to the lower and upper leg muscles leading it to swell and create pressure on nerves. Women book healthy massage in London to release tension from the muscles and address the swelled nerves.

Are you a would-be mommy? Consider massage therapy to enjoy pregnancy keeping aside the ailments.