Swedish Massage Therapy : Where Techniques Matter a Lot

Swedish massage is one of the most popular among all massage therapies in London, rather throughout the globe. It is practised by only professional massage therapists because the techniques are unique that requires the involvement of palms, forearms, elbows for performing the long gliding strokes. Kneading, tapping, circular pressure and stretching are keys the provide Swedish massage services in the right way. London is popular for its massage centres where trained professionals handle the job of massage services.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Let’s discuss more on the same so that the idea of Swedish massage can be clear.

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage not only is great for relaxing your muscles and soothing your mind, but it also has various health benefits. The right way of providing Swedish massage services in London can alleviate:

  •         Back pain
  •         Muscle spasms
  •         Joint pain
  •         Respiratory and circulatory disorders
  •         Tendonitis and also
  •         Stress and anxiety

Techniques Followed in Swedish Massage Therapy

There are many variations and techniques followed in Swedish massage therapy for acquiring proper therapeutic and wellness benefits. Here is a brief about Swedish massage techniques which are mostly followed:

Petrissage: It comprises of rolling, squeezing and pressing motions on the muscles to promote blood circulation. This technique helps in cleaning toxins from muscle tissues and nerve with the help of compression and kneading.

Vibration: With the rapid shaking of hands on your back and limbs, the therapists boost circulation for treating the ailment of back pain.

Effleurage: This particular technique encompasses gliding strokes that start from the neck and ends up at the base of the spine.  With the use of the fingertips, the professionals direct the strokes from limbs toward the heart to improve the blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Tapotement: This is also an effective technique that involves a series of percussive movements for the muscles to reduce muscle spasms.

Friction: This movement includes transverse movements in the spine area, joints and other bones. The motto of this movement is to increase joint flexibility and remove muscle fibre knots.

Apart from the techniques, a solid setting is also required for performing Swedish massage therapy. The professionals who provide Swedish massage services in London generally have a massage centre with a massage table and proper environment, but they offer mobile massage therapy as well where the similar setting is created at their home’s comfort. The training for the professional is imperative for all massage therapies, especially for the Swedish one. To get a proper soothing massage and get rid of physical ailments, contact renowned centres.